About Trader Bots

The Trader Bots Advantage

Imagine you had an army of analysts investigating new trading strategies, adapting to the changing markets, and constantly competing to make you more money. Wall Street has it, Hedge Funds have it.

Now you have it with Trader Bots.

  • Make Smarter Trades
    Trader Bots uses advanced technology and algorithms to analyze various stocks and portfolios. We're able to detect winning strategies to make your trades more profitable and less risky.
  • Save Time
    Instead of wasting lots of time developing trading strategies, Trader Bots does all the number crunching and testing for you. We then generate simple stock predictions and reports to help guide your trading decisions.
  • Become A Confident Trader
    Trader Bots helps you make hard trading decisions based on data instead of emotions. We've turned stock trading and profits into a science.
Welcome to the new world of trading.

The New Way To Analyze Stocks

The Old Way: Jim would buy expensive technical analysis software, and try to build trading strategies. He probably wouldn't have a very scientific approach, so he'd probably run into common training problems. After a lot of work, he may find something useful. More likely, he probably curve-fitted, and didn't produce anything with real predictive value.

The New Way: Jim pops open a beer, and pulls up Trader Bots. Leveraging our cloud of computers doing the analysis for him, he can quickly use the site to help him make decisions.

Trader Bots allows you to leverage the power of our technology to confidently trade smarter and better.

We do the number crunching and analysis for you.


Trader Bots takes the complexity out of stock analysis by using algorithms and artificial intelligence to objectively make trading decisions. Our data allows you to trade smarter and with more confidence.

We provide two main things: Individual Stock Predictions (beginner) and Trading Systems (advanced).

We hope that Trader Bots has piqued your interest and that we'll have a long and prosperous relationship. At the end of the day, Trader Bots is here to make your life easier and allow you to trade smarter and more confidently.

Let's start making some money.

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