Trader Bots is building a small and smart team that will move fast to take on new challenges. We have some idea of some positions we're looking to fill; however, in general we're looking for intellectual horsepower and a certain personality type.

If you don't fit in with our positions below, let us know more about you, and why you should be part of our team. We're mostly filling out positions in Software Development, and we are also open to contractors.

Positions Available

Web Development Guru

You're versatile and able to turn ideas into reality. The understand what users want and how to give it to them. You can turn opaque concepts into something easy to understand.

Also, if you're able to efficiently implement ideas both in the front-end and back-end (databases and systems) that is a major plus.

Design / UX Wizard

You have the magic eye. You can somehow turn a palette of colors, borders, and shadows into a masterpiece. You combine function into this form. You believe beautiful and useful can be one.

Please include examples of your past work.

Algorithms and Data-mining Genius

You believe that through data you can compute very cool stuff. You belive that through computers you can pull meaning out of data that would be useful to people. You've built systems in the past that can scale in a distributed fashion. You can write algorithms that compute very quickly. You can handle all parts of building out a complex system that computes complex data.

Business Development Smarty

You are creative and have insight into what customers need. You look at the data, and can make smart decisions on where the business needs to go. You can go guerrilla and figure out how to do marketing on a shoestring budget. You can come up with innovative ideas.

Screener Questions

We've been going through a lot of form letters, and that's not sexy. We want someone who's actually passionate about the product.

Here's are our screener questions:

  1. What is our website about?
  2. How would you improve our product?
  3. How do you think you could contribute to our team?
  4. Are you willing to work remotely?
  5. This is open ended. Say something insightful about our product, our competition, our business, yourself, etc.

If working at Trader Bots sounds interesting to you, Contact Us.