Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Do I have to pay to use Trader Bots?
At this time, most features of Trader Bots are free. We may in the future have paid features.

How do I use the site?
There are 2 ways to use the site.

Scenario 1: Getting stock predictions
1) Type a stock ticker symbol in the "Analyze Stock" search box
2) Get a prediction on what are site thinks of the stock based on our trading systems

Scenario 2: Using a trading system
1) Browse the site and find a trading system you like (We tend to look at the risk/reward)
2) Follow the system's trades to learn more about how it trades

How can I keep up to date with what's new on Trader Bots?
Our Facebook Fan Page
Our Twitter Stream
Our Twitter Trading Stream
Our Trader Bots Blog

Can you manage my account for me?
Sorry, no. We do not have plans to set up any kind of hedge fund at present. We may in the future offer integration with popular trading platforms if there is enough demand.

What is a "Trader Bot"?
A "Trader Bot" is essentially a trading system. For more information on our technology, click here.


What is a Trading System?
Trading Systems use algorithms to manage a basket or portfolio of stocks. It will enter positions in various stocks in a stock basket based on the predictions of each algorithm in order to maximize profits while minimizing risk.

What is a Stock Expert?
Stock Experts are systems that specialize in a specific stock. Unlike our normal trading systems, a Stock Expert does not trade a basket of stocks or manage a diverse portfolio. It simply decides when it thinks is the best time to buy or short a stock that maximizes profits and minimizes risk.

What is a Stock Basket?
Stock Baskets are a collection or group of stocks. Usually, stocks in a basket bear similarities or belong in the same sector. Our trading systems are associated with a basket, and trade stocks within each basket.

Members Only

Why are some sections "Member's Only"?
Our trading group also uses the site internally, and there are some features and trading systems we have decided not to release yet. We are thinking about offering access in the future. If you're interested, add your name here:

Membership Notification Signup

How do I become a member?
During our beta period, we are not accepting new members. Please join our Facebook Fan page if you want to be notified of when this feature is released. Click here

The Technicals

Why is this symbol not actively tracked?
During our beta period, we're only actively analyzing 251 stocks. As we scale out our systems, we'll continuously start tracking more stocks. If you have a special request, let us know at our Facebook page.Click here

I searched for a company, and nothing showed up?
We don't currently support entering a company's name. Please only type in ticker symbols. For example, type "goog" instead of "google" for Google Inc.

When do you guys update the trading system trades?
We update our systems usually a hour or two after the market closes. When the market closes, our systems will start importing and calculating data, and that takes some time until we can get more servers.

What is "one covers the other"?
This is a special order type we use. Essentially, it usually means we have a limit order and stop order on the same stock. If one of the orders triggers, the other one is cancelled. This is usually used by our trading systems to manage risk.

What defines an "active" stock?
An stock is defined as "active" based on how many systems are currently holding or shorting it.

What defines an "top" portfolio?
We will be constantly updating how we define "top" portfolios. It will usually revolve around risk/reward.