How To Use The Site?


Welcome to Trader Bots.

You've discovered an incredible tool to help make you a smarter and more confident investor.

Trader Bots makes stock analysis easier, by doing the number crunching for you.

We are an unbiased, independent website that provides stock predictions and trading systems based on our proprietary technology. Parts of our website are FREE; however, there are some parts that require a subscription. Since our revenue is subscription based, we are focused on making you money.

Our belief is that if we can help make you money, you'll find our information valuable and subscribe to our service month after month. Also, we hope you will tell your friends. After all, we spread by word of mouth.

We are in the business of helping you make more money by trading smarter.

How to use the site?

There are technically two main ways to use the site.


For beginners, we imagine the main priority is whether a stock is going to go up or down.

To meet this need, we calculate bullish and bearish indicators on the stocks we track. We envision our beginner users will leverage this information to help decide whether they should or should not take a position in a stock.

This is a great way to start and the easiest way to use the site.

Take a look at our stock prediction for Apple Computers or our other stock predictions.


For advanced users, we imagine the main priority is to become better traders. This breaks down into a desire to make more money, yet balanced by the need to manage risk.

To help our users, we provide details on our various trading systems.

First, our advanced users will use our site to find a trading system.

We provide data on:

  1. What is the past performance?
  2. What kind of stocks the trading system trades?
  3. What is the typical length of a trade?
  4. What are the typical profits/losses?
  5. and much more as we develop our site further

Using this information, we imagine our advanced users will be able to find a trading system that has the right balance of risk and reward.

Then, our advanced users will probably want to replicate the trading style and decisions of their chosen system.

Every day after normal trading hours, you can take a look at what orders the system has decided to place to enter/exit positions or manage the risk of current positions. You usually have to wait a hour or two after normal trading hours for our systems to compute the day's data. We will reduce this time as we get more funding and computers.

Take a look at our best trading systems

We are sure that our users will discover more ways to use the data on the site.

Which ever way you choose, it is probably best to test it out first, before you invest real money. We recommend paper trading at a virtual trading site such as: MarketWatch's Virtual Stock Exchange


We hope you enjoy our site, become a smarter and confident investor, and make tons of money.

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