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Last updated 4/25/2013
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Loki - ompi is a stock expert that tracks and trades Obagi Medical Products, Inc. (OMPI).

Loki - ompi's Prediction for Obagi Medical Products, Inc. (OMPI)



Loki - ompi     S&P 500
Date Range: 1/1/0001 - 1/1/0001

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Trading Statistics
Total ReturnsAverage Return / Trade
Open Positions (0 positions):0%0%
All Trades (64 trades):51.82%1.69%
Only Completed Trades (64 trades):51.82%1.69%
Last 10 trades:69.96%1.07%
Last 30 trades:36.91%0.91%
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No Open Positions
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Price Mode: Price - Cost Basis

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TransactionSymbolSharesOrder Price
COVER STOPompi634$25.16
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About this Trader Bot

The Loki - ompi employs various techniques such as advanced technical analysis, custom screeners, back testing, sentiment analysis, breakout predictors, neuro-evolution, artificial intelligence (AI), momentum detection, and other techniques and strategies to best manage and hedge a portfolio.

On this page, you can see a list of stock picks that the system is trading and a summary of its performance and returns. The analysis is highly mechanical, automated and quantitative.