Baxter International Inc. (BAX)

Predictions for Baxter International Inc. (BAX)

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None are confident.

Stock Experts for Baxter International Inc. (BAX)

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Prediction for Baxter International Inc. (BAX)

Short-term: Neutral - 3/12/2013
Medium-term: Neutral - 4/15/2013
Long-term: Neutral - 5/28/2013
Predictions are not intraday, but longer-term trends.

Prediction Warning: Confidence in directly trading this summary prediction is low.

Confidence is based on our algorithms that try to predict future the reliability of the prediction.
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What are Stock Experts?

A stock expert is a trading system that specializes in trading a single stock. In this case, the stock experts on this page only trade Baxter International Inc. (BAX).

Predictions for Baxter International Inc. (BAX)

This table shows you the predictions on BAX for a handful of our stock experts. The confidence meter is based on a proprietary formula we use internally to rank our trading systems. We use things like annual return, trade frequency, distribution of trades, etc.

Essentially, it boils down to how confident we are in the trading system's ability to consistently make profitable trades with minimal risk.

Stock Experts for Baxter International Inc. (BAX)

This section shows some trading stats on each stock expert. Here you can see which stock expert has had the best returns; however, you may notice that some stock experts have killer returns, but low confidence levels. This can be due to many factors, but is usually a sign that we are not confident in the stock expert's ability to make consistent future profits.